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Louise McCormack

A Classically Elegant Wedding Cake we created for the McCormack's Wedding. The happy couple on their wedding day!

I highly recommend Lee-Anne's beautiful cakes. Lee-Anne made our wedding cake and it was absolutely beautiful, the sugar flowers were handcrafted and really added a special touch. We chose to have a different type of cake in each tier, Lemon drizzle, caramel, and rich fruit cake, we even had a small gluten free cake for some of our guests, none of this was a problem for Lee-Anne and every guest who managed to get a piece commented on how lovely it was! As well as being a fabulous cake it also managed to feed over 150 guests! Exceptional quality!


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Mrs. F. McCay February 2015

A 4th Birthday Celebration cake with hand crafted sugar character of the child's favourite top rabbit. We created the sugar-crafted rabbit from the photos sent of in of the child's favourite toy (you can see the photo at the top of the picture).

Lee-Anne by far exceeded our expectations when we asked her to create a cake featuring our daughter's most treasured cuddly toy for her fourth birthday party. The white rabbit was lovingly recreated from only four photos that we submitted. So much so, that when Tess saw the cake she immediately exclaimed "Suzie!!" at the top of her voice. The lapin was set on a lobster pink ground, (an exact match of the party dress she was wearing), enclosed by a white picket fence with attractive grass detail. In addition to this were intricate and exquisite little flowers for the rabbit's meadow. Our designer Lee-Anne listened very well throughout our consultation and gave us more than we had hoped for. Happy bunnies all round.

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